Charles gave Elizabeth a Dodo

Sentimental Poems of our Childhood

Selected and introduced by HELEN STEWART


Few children learn poetry nowadays. Yet our grandparents often learned poetry by heart and, if we were fortunate, recited it to us in our childhoods.

Why bother with sentimental rhymes? Because of the magic! Children need a nursery of the mind where they can play with words which enchant and puzzle and tease them, where they can create and picture people and creatures and scenes to fill their heads with ideas, the magic which is Literature.
  • This rich selection of poems, recalled by the editor from her childhood, offers much-loved favourites and many lesser known gems – variously stirring, sentimental, or sometimes downright soppy.

Charles gave Elizabeth a dodo
And he never even offered one to me,
A beautiful lemon-coloured dodo
With the greenest eyes that you could wish to see.
Whenever the moon and stars are set
Whenever the wind rides high,
All night long in the dark and wet
A man goes riding by.

This new anthology is a golden opportunity to introduce today’s young to the delights of rhythm, rhyme and romance – and is an ideal present for the nostalgic to share with the children in their lives.

144 pages approx, illustrated with many original paintings
ISBN: 978-0-9927152-1-2, paperback. Horsgate Books
Publication: July 2016
Price: About £14.95