In Search of Ernst
Discovering the Unspoken Fate of the Königsgartens


Cover picThe discovery of documents in the metal trunk hidden in the attic showed that my father’s family was clearly Jewish, or considered so by the Nazis. We had always been told that my father and his immediate family were not Jewish, merely ‘anti-Hitler’ … many more members of the family had perished in concentration camps than I had ever known had even existed“.

In Search of Ernst uncovers the hidden family history of the Königsgarten family, which was uprooted and decimated by the Nazis during the Second World War.

Only now, following the discovery of family papers and research in archives in the Czech Republic and Austria, can the fate of the author’s grandfather Ernst and the untold histories of his family be told.



Charles gave Elizabeth a Dodo: Sentimental Poems of Our Childhood


Horsgate Books - Charles gave Elizabeth a DodoFew children learn poetry nowadays. Our grandparents often learned poetry by heart and, if we were fortunate, recited it to us in our childhoods.

This rich selection of poems recalled by the editor from her childhood, offers much-loved favourites and many lesser known gems – variously stirring, sentimental, or sometimes downright soppy.

This new anthology is a golden opportunity to introduce today’s young to the delights of rhythm, rhyme and romance – and is an ideal present for the nostalgic to share with the children in their lives.


The Jippi-Jappa Hat Merchant and His Family: A Jamaican Family in Britain


Horsgate Books, Jippa-JappaMigration, and its impact on existing communities and on the incomers themselves, is today the subject of great interest and speculation.

In 1919 Cyril Charles Henriques, with a background including French, Portuguese, Haitian and Jewish elements, was a successful merchant in Kingston, Jamaica, exporting produce including ‘jippijappa’ hats. As soon as the Great War ended, he brought his family to live in Britain to ensure his six children received a good education.

This well-illustrated book, researched and written by his descendants, vividly illuminates the lives of this early immigrant family, Cyril Henriques’ own life and the lives of his children….more